We need you!


Our mission is to raise awareness about menstrual cups and make them more widely available so more people can make an informed choice about using them. We work with people who are grappling with period poverty in the UK and East Africa by running workshops and providing cups to those who can’t afford to buy their own. We also influence governments and global donors and build capacity of International NGOs to encourage and enable them to include menstrual cups in their menstrual health programming.

Our work is funded, in part, by selling cups on a not for profit basis via our online shop or at festivals or special events. We are proud to be the only seller that ensures for every cup sold TWO are provided (with training) to people experiencing period poverty!

We’re a small but imperfectly formed charity – which is why we need you! Communication with supporters, donors and the world at large is done mainly via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and we want to start a blog and regular eNewsletter. We also rely on social media to market our online shop. We’re looking for a handful of brilliant volunteers to help us. We need:

  • People to help us manage our social media channels (grow our following and put out great content);
  • Content creators for social media and marketing campaigns;
  • Writers to get our blog and newsletter up and running and keep our website content sharp;
  • Marketing wizards to come up with clever ways to market our shop, tell the world about our work, raise awareness about menstrual cups, and cultivate supporters;
  • Super-organised admin geniuses who can help get our ‘back-office’ in order.

If you’re interested and can commit for at least 6 months please send us your answers to the questions below, to: office@TheCupEffect.org

We’d like to know:

  • Some general info about you (100 words max)
  • What you think about menstrual cups (100 words max)
  • What you can offer and why you’d like to be involved (150 words max)
  • How much time you can commit each week
  • Which three guests you’d invite to your perfect dinner party and why (100 words max)

We’ll do our best to match what you can offer with what we need. We may not be able to respond immediately, but we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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