You can support our work by making a donation!

As little as £25 will enable us to provide a woman or girl with a menstrual health education session, access to support via a local partner, and her own menstrual cup which will last for a whole decade! 

One cup equals ten years of improved quality of life and money saved for each woman or girl, plus significant environmental benefits due to reduced waste. 

Help us to reach as many women and girls as possible by donating today, because #CupsChangeLives! 

Your support will go a long way towards making life easier for some of the several hundred million women and girls across the world who are prevented from participating in everyday activities because they don’t have access to affordable or effective menstrual products. In many low income countries, it has been reported that girls will be absent from school up to 20% of the time for this reason. 

Millions of women and girls in this situation find themselves having to improvise every month – by using cloth, mattress stuffing, newspaper, feathers, or leaves… these options can cause health problems and are often uncomfortable, ineffective, and undignified. In some urban slums in Nairobi, for example, there are reports of teenage girls being manipulated into trading sex for pads by opportunistic, predatory older men. Needless to say… the fact that all this is happening in 2018… infuriates us beyond measure. 

Our projects have proven that there is huge interest in and demand for menstrual cups in the remote rural communities, urban slums, and refugee camps that we’ve worked in. With your support we will be able to reach more women and girls and expand into new locations. All of Our projects will also train up local leaders to run sessions and lead cup distributions in the future. 

Thank you for being part of #TheCupEffect!

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