We raise awareness about cups and sell them in the UK and other affluent markets. The income generated from sales supports our work to run info sessions and distribute cups to people who can’t afford them in the UK and other less well-off parts of the world.

In partnership with Bloody Good Period – we run CupAware parties which first and foremost, are brilliant fun! At a CupAware party a group of people get together for a few hours to learn everything there is to know about cups – the proceeds from each party allow us run info sessions for asylum seekers, refugees and others who can’t afford them in the UK – find out more: here.

We also work with schools, universities, and a range of other organisations in the UK to bust menstrual taboos and encourage conversations that bring the topic out into the open. We want girls and women to be confident about and comfortable with their periods, rather than bashful, awkward, or ashamed. We also want to help ‘demystify’ menstruation for boys and men.

Menstrual cups do not get nearly enough air-time.  Most women in the UK haven’t heard of them and girls are not routinely taught that cups are an option for them (alongside pads and tampons) when they start their period. We want to encourage primary and secondary schools to include information about menstrual cups when they teach children (boys and girls alike) about puberty. In the UK, the environmental advantages alone make the case for why we would all benefit if more women and girls used cups.

We are more than happy to speak at events, seminars, or conferences, run workshops, deliver training sessions, or just talk to anyone who is interested in what we do and why we do it!

We’ve spoken at events hosted by the Ministry of Justice, the RSA, the prestigious Women of the World Festival which takes place annually at London’s Royal Festival Hall, the Commonwealth Institute, Essex University, and the 4th Wave Feminist Festival… to name just a few.

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