Currently, we have operations in a number of locations in Kenya and Malawi with ambitions to expand to other African countries and across the world.

We partner with established organisations that already work with and have the trust of significant numbers of women and girls who live in low-income communities.

We provide information and awareness training about cups, and build capacity within partner organisations so they can spread the word to the women and girls they work with. We then provide cups to be distributed to those who would like to try using one.

Meet Cup Effect Malawi Trainer Lucy As She Trains The Malawi Girl Guides

We strive to involve whole communities including: older women, fathers, brothers, husbands, and male peers. This helps to demystify menstruation, and gradually erode some of the taboos that surround it. These taboos are often incredibly harmful to women and girls, and impact entire communities. Where possible, we also engage local faith groups, traditional chiefs, and others who have significant influence over people’s life choices and attitudes.

Typically, our work with a new partner begins with a first session, which brings together staff members and volunteers from the organisation for an informal conversation about menstruation and an introductory discussion about menstrual cups. This is followed by a training session that covers anatomy, the biology of menstruation, and how to use a cup safely, effectively, and hygienically. Those who have attended the training session are given the option of trying a cup.

We allow several months to elapse before following up with each cup recipient to get their feedback on using their cup and to identify those who will lead the next phase of distribution – this group of women are incredibly important to us, and we affectionately refer to them as ‘Big Sisters’ or our ‘Cup Squad’. We train them to oversee and carry out cup distributions in a way that uses the key elements of our approach but is tailored to specific local circumstances.

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