We know that for many people, the first time they hear about cups the news comes as a bit of a surprise. Often, the idea of using a one seems alien and it’s hard to imagine how cups could possibly be both comfortable and effective. Don’t just take our word for it… on this page we share stories from people who use cups:



“I was young and cool in Brixton some 10 years ago and had become all natural and eco-friendly so I came across the cup and it sounded like a win-win for ‘naturalista me’ and Mother Earth. It really has been a good marriage and we still get along. Plus I don’t have to run to the shops to buy tampons or pads as I just have to sterilise my cup. I really don’t get people who find it gross compared to a pad. In fact it is the most hygienic option so long as you have clean water. Definitely beats marinating in a soggy pad!”



“I took the plunge – no pun intended – about nine months ago when the cup was recommended to me by a friend. I’ve been through a lot of changes over the past few years, and now quite confidently identify as trans*masculine – both on stage and at home. Part and parcel of coming to grips with that identity has been the – sometimes heart-wrenching – process of accepting my body for what it is: an amalgam of both organic and inorganic pieces I must know as my own, at any cost. The cup has become a happy member of the cyborg collage I call myself. For on top of its many other virtues – cleanliness, convenience, and sustainability – it is forged of my native materials, my second skin, and has made me feel quite at peace with the rest of me – all of it.”



“I’ve been using my cup for about 5 years now. A friend of mine told me all I needed to know about it and I went out and bought one the next day! I sent a photo of me holding it like a sherry schooner to my then-boyfriend before using it for the first time. He was fine with that. Providing you’re ok touching your own body, and you really ought to be, then there’s not much to it. Personally I find the cup way more comfortable and hygienic than tampons or pads. There’s the obvious benefit that I’m not paying every month for the luxury of BLEEDING (thanks capitalism) but on top of that, I genuinely feel more positive and in control of my periods and my body. And I really like telling people about the cup, it’s good to talk about periods generally but especially if it helps make someone else’s period a more positive experience.”



“I first learnt about the cup back in 2002 in my first year of university. I saw a sticker on the women’s toilet and was intrigued. Back then it was almost impossible to get information about the cup, what it does and where to purchase it. Later on, I found out from the girl who put the sticker in the loo about the benefits of using the cup, she was considered a ‘hippie’ and unfortunately didn’t get very far, in her mission to raise awareness. I soon forgot about it. In July last year, I met a friend of mine for dinner, she told me about the work she was doing in Kenya to make cups more widely available to girls from marginalised areas. I was fascinated and remembered my first encounter with the cup in 2002. This prompted me to buy my first cup and I have been using it every since. I am still a ‘fresher’- but the benefits are already clear: it’s so cheap and lasts for 10 years, it is environmentally friendly and much healthier for our bodies. I live in Ghana where waste and waste management is an issue; the cup would revolutionise menstruation and would give all women the possibility to have one less thing to worry about. I am quite stunned that in 2016 the awareness of the cup is still so low, one wonders why more isn’t being done to push this product?!”



“Years ago when I was a student I switched to using a cup. At the time it was definitely the ‘green’ benefits that motivated me. I’m sure even if I hadn’t got along with it I would have persevered for the sake of being healthier, more eco-friendly, and saving money! I shouldn’t have worried though, turns out it’s the best decision I’ve made. Now, I feel I should share with other women how they can revolutionise ‘that time of the month’ in terms of hassle and comfort. When I’m using a cup I feel confident that the thing has formed a seal and is taking care of business without risk of leaks, odour, or a wet string hanging out. My periods are heavy. At times I’ve soaked through in just a few hours using a tampon and pad together, so I was concerned about the possibility of a cup overflowing. It hasn’t happened, I’ve had no more waking up in the morning feeling soggy with ruined underwear and stained sheets since I switched. Tips as a cyclist… be brave, consider trimming the stem, and choose a softer cup.”



“The most successful longest-term relationship I’ve ever had has been with my cup! I’ve been a convert since the first time I used one over ten years ago and never looked back. I get a warm happy glow every time I don’t flush or throw away a tampon or pad because I’m using my cup instead. It feels better for me, better for the environment, and it’s definitely saved me money. I always tell people who haven’t yet used one to try it out – there’s a good reason cup users are so passionate about them!”



“My very first ‘encounter’ with a cup was about 8 years ago when my sister whipped one out over dinner and challenged me to guess what is was. Naturally, I completely failed. Her explanation bambozzled me… I simply couldn’t make sense of how it worked, nor could I believe that such a peculiar-looking thing could be comfortable, let alone safe, or effective! My sister, insisted.  She said that if I didn’t believe her I ought to try it myself. Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t like to be a wuss – so I gave it a shot. My first attempt at using it was not a success… I remember yelling from the bathroom (to my sister who was on the other side of the door) “I don’t like this! What have you made me do?” – she reminded me to breathe, relax, to stop being a diva, and to consider trimming the stem. As soon as I’d done the latter everything was perfect. I found myself thinking that if a cup could improve the quality of my life within the confines of my relatively priveleged and pampered London-existence… it could potentially be a game changer in parts of the world where people face much more challenging day-to-day circumstances – which is at the heart of why I founded The Cup Effect.”



“I first heard about cups around 10 years ago. I used to suffer from heavy and painful periods, so I would frequent online chat forums that discussed gynecological health. When I first came across people discussing cups, I thought: “Urgh! What? Where? How? Gross!” I totally dismissed them thinking they were weird and therefore not for me… but months later I thought “Why not?” I ordered one online, and a few days later it arrived in its little cloth bag. I looked at it bemused. But I soon discovered it was soft, smooth, and pliable. I read and re-read the instructions, and gave it a go. Having used tampons for years, I wasn’t bothered by the thought of inserting something. I folded it and placed it in. It surprised me because it went in pretty easy and there was no discomfort. As for removing it… that took a little practice but again it wasn’t a problem and got easier with time. I cut the stalk shorter to make it even more comfortable which, on occasion, resulted in me forgetting it was there! Also, the joy of not having to change tampons every 2 hours won me over. Honestly, I never looked back.”



“I started using a cup two years ago and haven’t looked back since! Although I was hesitant initially about forking out £20 for something I was taking a gamble on, working it out I’ve saved £55 already – I wish I’d bought one sooner! Only having to empty it twice a day has made that time of the month so much less of a hassle, and while I’m not someone who’s ashamed of their periods, I have to admit it’s a relief not having to surreptitiously palm a tampon walking through my male dominated workplace to get to the toilets. I would say it took me a couple of attempts to use the cup comfortably first time around, but now I don’t hesitate in recommending them to all of my girlfriends.”



“I started using a cup in 2002 after reading about it on the internet. I think I had to get it imported from the states because they weren’t commonly available in the UK at the time. I replaced my first one recently and was so happy that I could just pick it up from Boots (the ubiquitous local pharmacist)! I remember people being quite freaked out by it. My boyfriend at the time called it The Evangelizer. To this day I’m not quite sure why! I still have friends who are queasy about the idea and it makes me feel sad that they are uncomfortable with their bodies or so afraid of periods being ‘unclean’ …but we’re getting there. One more cycling story: I did “Ride-London” last summer and had my period at the time but with the cup in I managed a full 8.5 hour day’s cycling with no accidents and no worrying about having to change tampons in porta-loos!! It didn’t make the 100miles easier (it’s not *that* good) but I guess it was one less thing to worry about.”

If you have a cup tale and would like to share it, contact us with your story and a photograph. We look forward to hearing from you. Or you can visit our shop if you feel inspired by these testimonials to try a cup out for yourself, or buy one as an original gift for someone else.

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